Since this guy is active MMA fighter, his body is just perfect. I must say I could hardly wait for our interview to be over so I could bend him over and do him!

This guy was so chatty, I had no choice but to stuck my cock in his mouth co make him shut up! I guess it comes with occupation – bar owners have to be smooth talkers.

Garry works as delivery boy and this time he delivered his ass to my studio. And since I liked it so much, why not try it out?

When he said, he’s unemployed, I knew immediately I can offer him some job right on the spot. Guy with a body like that, will never have problems in porn business.

Working morning shifts tires Paolo out and so he wanted to try something new. Well, I gladly took upon his offer and “dusted” his asshole properly!

The Casting Room Review

The Casting Room Review
The Casting Room

These are so many guys wishing to become wannabe porn stars, that we decided to give them a chance. Sit down, relax and watch us pound this fresh meat on regular basis!

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